Miracles still happen

Nearly three years ago, I was diagnosed with a vocal polyp. I prayed earnestly to God for Him to heal me. People prayed over me. I begged God to take the polyp away and restore my voice. He answered those prayers although not quite in the way we had hoped. It required surgery, speech pathology, and several weeks of silence before my voice returned. While I am very thankful for the healing I received, sometimes I wonder why God didn’t just reach down and miraculously take away the polyp. To me, it seems like God would have gotten a whole lot more glory from that sequence of events!

Even though I wasn’t the recipient of a miraculous healing, I still believe that God heals in miraculous ways. I came across this incredible video today and it took me back to my own vocal struggles and my own prayers for healing. It’s an incredible story! After you watch the video, be sure to read “The Miracle Moment” blog post that tells additional details about the story in the video.


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