Kevin Haglund grew up in a musical family in Minnesota. Some of his earliest memories are car trips to visit his grandmother in Iowa. On these trips, it was quite common for his parents and two sisters to sing songs to pass the time. His great-grandmother had a player piano which the family would gather around in the evenings to sing. This same player piano–which still works–sits in the Haglund’s family room. Kevin’s family was also quite involved with their small church’s music program.

On Saturday evenings, Kevin recalls the family watching “The Lawrence Welk Show” on television. It was in watching this musical television show that Kevin became curious about the trombone. He began playing the trombone in the fifth grade and continued through high school. As a sophomore in high school, Kevin became much more interested in vocal music. He was already involved in choir and choral group and ensemble when his choir director asked him if he would consider singing a solo for an upcoming music competition. Kevin won first place in his high school earning him the right to advance to the state music competition. He took first place at state and went on to the national competition in Greenville, SC. Kevin took first place as a soloist at the state music competition his junior and senior years and competed at the national competition both years.

Upon graduation, Kevin pursued a Bachelor of Science in Sacred Music from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. While there, he continued to pursue vocal music and was a part of Chamber Choir and Concert Choir as well as several of the traveling music ministry teams. One of these teams, the Sounds of Liberty, received a full-scholarship to Liberty and appeared weekly on the late Dr. Jerry Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour television broadcast and traveled extensively to represent the university. After graduating from Liberty, he became the Associate Director of the Sounds of Liberty conducting their rehearsals, producing a project in the recording studio, and booking their touring schedule.

Kevin met Suzanne Prettyman in Music Appreciation in the very first class on the very first day of Suzanne’s freshman year. He was a fifth-year senior music major who had somehow never taken the class! It had fallen through the cracks when he had transferred to Liberty from a small college near his home in Minnesota. They were married on August 19, 1995, and now have 3 amazing kids–the oldest of which is now a student at Liberty University.

Across over 22 years of full-time church worship ministry, Kevin has had the privilege of serving in churches in Indiana, Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia. The churches he has served have ranged in size from under 100 people to 2,000 people and worship styles from traditional to modern worship. Although Kevin is a classically trained vocalist, the style of music he feels most comfortable leading in church is modern worship (Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Passion, Bethel, Vertical Church, etc.).

In May 2017, Kevin finished a Master of Arts in Music and Worship also from Liberty University. In 2016, he received certification in the Blaylock vocal method developed by Mr. Thomas Blaylock founder of the Northwest Institute of Voice in Beaverton, OR. In January 2018, Kevin joined the faculty of Liberty University as an Adjunct Professor of voice. He enjoys helping singers develop proper vocal technique that will enable them to enjoy singing throughout their lifetime. During the summer months, he is available to work with singers of any and all musical styles to develop this proper vocal technique.

Kevin is the Worship Pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.