Although Kevin is primarily a worship leader, he does enjoy the opportunity to bring the Sunday morning teaching from Scripture on occasion. Here are some of the messages he has preached over the last several years. There is both an .mp3 audio file or YouTube video for each message. Some also have .pdf message transcript you can download. To download, PC users should right-click on the file name and select “download file”; Mac users should control-click on the file name and choose “download linked file.”

Is It Really Possible to Get a Do Over? – Nehemiah 8-10
(From “Beyond Walls” a series on Ezra and Nehemiah at Discovery Church)
Israel returned from captivity to find themselves surrounded by wreckage as a result of their sinful choices. Often we find ourselves in much the same situation. We need a do over.

Does the Historical Stuff Written in the Bible Really Apply Today? – Ezra 4-6
(From “Beyond Walls” a series on Ezra and Nehemiah at Discovery Church)
When you read the Old Testament, you might wonder, “How does all this history and names of dead people apply to me?” What can the story of Israel returning to the land after captivity teach me about my life?


People of Distinction – Exodus 13-34
(From “The Bible: 66 Books in 52 Weeks” at The Well Church)
God wanted His people to be distinct, different, but they wanted to be like all the other nations. God wants us to be distinct, too, but too often, like Israel, we want to be like everybody else.
People of Distinction message transcript
People of Distinction audio file

Catching Fire – Ephesians 6:10-20
(From “Hollywood Theology 2” at The Well Church, a series using spiritual themes from movies)
Remembering who the real enemy is and being equipped with the full armor of God for spiritual battle.
Catching Fire message transcript
Catching Fire audio file (minus copyrighted video clips)

Flawless Covenant – Hebrews 8
How understanding that New Covenant makes the Old Covenant obsolete is crucial to us today.
Flawless Covenant message transcript
Flawless Covenant audio file

Flawless Sanctuary – Hebrews 9
The difference between having our sins covered and having them taken away.
Flawless Sanctuary message transcript
Flawless Sanctuary audio file

You Are Loved – Ephesians 5:21-33
God loves us with a self-sacrificing love.
You Are Loved message transcript
You Are Loved audio file

Dirty God – Matthew 13:53-58
Part of the “I AM: Name of God” series looking at Jesus the Carpenter’s Son.
Dirty God message transcript
Dirty God audio file

Daily Grace from God – Titus 1:1-9; 2:1-10
The same grace from God that saves us, also sustains us daily, helping us to be who He wants us to be and to do what He wants us to do.
Daily Grace from God audio file

Stop, Look and Listen – Matthew 16:1-12
The warning Jesus issued to His disciples about the leaven of the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees is a warning that we must heed as well.
Stop Look and Listen message transcript
Stop Look and Listen audio file

Courageous Followers of Christ – Joshua 1:1-9
What does it mean to be a courageous follower of Christ? What does it look like? What characteristics does a courageous follower of Christ embody?
Courageous Followers of Christ message transcript
Courageous Followers of Christ audio file

Caring Enough to Confront – Matthew 18:15-22
Handling conflict with another believer in a loving, Biblical way.
Caring Enough to Confront message transcript
Caring Enough To Confront audio file