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Kevin has served in local church worship ministry since December 1995 in churches of many sizes and worship styles and has led vocal sessions for various workshops and conferences. If you need help in any of the following areas, feel free to contact him for a complimentary initial consultation.


  • Technology in worship – online tools, computers, iTunes, iPads, iPods, presentation software, graphics… and more
  • Charting for band & vocalists – chord charting for your worship band and Nashville Number charting for your vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Choir for Modern Worship – don’t ditch the choir! Learn how to make it work with modern worship songs
  • Changing your vocal style – help your singers adapt their voices to more pop vocal styles
  • Getting your band tight – setting up an in-ear monitoring system and using click tracks (metronome) to get tight!
  • Dealing with Divas! – nothing is more disruptive to a worship ministry than musicians with attitude; conflict resolution
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