Sarah’s foot

Just a quick update regarding Sarah’s foot. I didn’t mean to keep you all in suspense! Her foot is doing so much better. It has almost completely been covered by a thin layer of skin. She still has to take it easy and wear open heel shoes to avoid rubbing this new layer of thin skin off, but she is definitely on the road to complete recovery! And, we’re done with doctor’s visits! Can I get a woo-hoo? Thanks for praying for her!

update on Sarah

Suzanne took Sarah to our doctor again today for a follow up visit (this is not the doctor who performed the original procedure who, in our opinion, was negligent both in the procedure and in after care). He said that the infection is clearing up and it does look somewhat better, however, the progress is too slow. He recommends that we meet with a skin graft specialist next week for an initial consultation. The skin graft specialist may just decide to keep an eye on it, or he may decide to take a patch of skin from her posterior to patch the hole on her leg. She will also likely have to undergo physical therapy to stretch out her Achilles tendon and reverse the atrophy in her leg since she has not been walking on her right foot for 6 weeks.

Please keep Sarah in your prayers. Also, pray for us as we seek to know what we should do concerning consulting a medical malpractice attorney or not. Obviously, with the treatment she is going to need moving forward, we will incur additional expense. Thanks for your prayers!