I was on Amazon.com today ordering two books that pertain to church ministry leadership in our postmodern day. Both books are by missional church expert Alan Hirsch. While I was on Amazon, I found out something really cool. I created a “wishlist” of books that I want to read in the future. The really cool part is that you can share this list with others–almost like registering for a baby or wedding shower–so friends and family can surprise you.

I told someone last night that I am experiencing a different kind of busy right now. In my previous life as a worship pastor, it was busy, but it was within the realm of my area of knowledge and expertise. Now, I find myself busy trying to learn and do at the same time! All of this is occurring in realms that are not yet my area of expertise! I am finding my appetite for reading has increased immensely because that is the best way for me to learn. Many people have asked how they can help support us in our new endeavor. One easy way is to follow the link below to see my wishlist of books that I want to read. I currently don’t have the resources in place to go on an Amazon spending spree to purchase all of the books that will help me get up to speed on the movement that God is calling us to join.

If you would like to help (no pressure, really!), check out my wishlist! If you know of other books in this vein that you want to recommend, add a comment and I’ll check them out and maybe add them to my wishlist. Thanks!


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