renewed passion

One week ago today, I had the privilege of traveling to Atlanta with the college students from our church to attend Passion 2010. While I am very familiar with the Passion movement, leadership and artists, I had never attended a Passion conference. I must say that it was quite a life-changing experience!

There is just something extremely amazing about worshiping God with 22,000 18-25 year olds! It was quite sobering to think that I am now 20 years older than college freshmen. Yikes! I only wish that Passion had been around when I was 18. Of course, with my independent, fundamentalist background, I would have never even known it existed, let alone attended!

The teaching was incredible from the likes of Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Andy Stanley and John Piper. On the last night, following Piper’s talk, the room fell silent as we pondered the greatness and the glory of God. It was awe inspiring!

The college students we took were not quite prepared for what we experienced (neither was I). I’m so thankful that Suzanne was able to attend with me. The toughest part about coming home from such an amazing conference is explaining what God did to others who were not there.


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