how dark is the darkness

Yesterday, I fulfilled my obligation as a citizen of Fayette County, GA, and served as a member of the Grand Jury. First, let me explain what that is for those who might confuse it with a trial jury. The Grand Jury is made up of 23 individuals selected from 100 or so subpoenas. The Grand Jury serves a six month term (my term began in September and runs through February) and only hears the state’s evidence in felony cases. We do not hear from the defense attorney or witnesses for the defense. It is the job of the Grand Jury to ensure that the District Attorney’s office has gathered enough evidence to indict the defendant on the charges. Essentially, we answer the question, “Did this person probably commit the crime or not?”

I served two days back in September, hearing about 50 felony cases across two days. Yesterday, we reconvened and heard about 40 felony cases from 9:00am to 7:30pm with about a two hour lunch break. Needless to say, it was intense. We heard graphic details of some of the most horrendous crimes including many done to children.

As we embark on the journey of planing a church, it was a HUGE reminder of how dark the darkness is without Christ and of the total depravity of mankind. It was a HUGE reminder of the lostness that is all around us. Even in the seemingly safe environment of Fayette County, unspeakable acts are occurring. I was moved deeply by the experience and had a hard time even talking when I got home last night. I wanted to rush in the door, grab my wife and kids and hold them close. I was physically and emotionally spent last night.

Please pray with us as we seek to impact this darkness with the light of Christ. Especially this time of the year when we celebrate that “the people walking in darkness have seen a great light,” we need to be the salt and light that points people to Jesus. Pray that we will be the instruments that God can use to bring His light to the darkness.


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