10 ways to NOT live missionally

I got this from the blog “Missional Order.” It was too good not to pass along:

10 ways NOT to live missionally.

  1. Live as if the only soul that matters to God is your own.
  2. Busy yourself with what matters very little in the kingdom of God.
  3. Seek all the things that you need first, then seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
  4. Believe that the power of God resides in the Gospel, but evangelize and disciple others as if that were not true by using consumerist means.
  5. Don’t pray for your neighbors.
  6. Use the Scripture as an instrument to judge rather than to motivate loving actions and good works toward neighbors.
  7. Model a lone ranger approach to evangelism without connection to a close knit community.
  8. Depend on the preacher to get it done. After all we’re not all learned and gifted to live missional lives.
  9. Promise heaven to motivate acceptance of the claims of Christ rather than a life with God in the here and now that looks forward to eternal life with God.
  10. Believe as if God bypasses the believing community in drawing the non-believing community unto himself.

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