This morning, my 40th birthday, my family surprised me each with their own list of 40 things they love about me. It was such a wonderful surprise! I told someone I might not be able to go to work because my head wouldn’t fit through the door!

Well, I’ve decided to “count my blessings” on this 40th birthday:

  • My relationship with God – He calls me friend because I have asked His Son Jesus to be my Forgiver and Leader.
  • My amazing, incredible and beautiful best friend, life and ministry partner who also happens to be my wife!
  • The three most wonderful children on the face of the earth who are a constant joy to me!
  • A transcendent cause to live for–the Kingdom of God–and not just some empty, fleeting American dream.
  • My calling. While I might not know exactly what my vocational calling is right now (worship, discipleship?), I know God has called me to do big things for His Kingdom!
  • My health. Other than seasonal allergies, a repaired knee and missing half my thyroid, I can’t complain!
  • A roof over my head. There are still 600,000 people in Haiti who are homeless from the earthquake more than a year ago.
  • Stuff. God has blessed us immensely with material possessions. But we offer it all back to Him daily. If at any point He tells us to sell it all to follow Him, we will!
  • Christian parents. Although my mom is in heaven, I am thankful that my parents were believers.
  • Christian inlaws. I love my inlaws! They gave me an incredible wife and mother to my children!
  • Christian family. Both Suzanne and I come from Christian families that shaped our life in so many ways. Our families aren’t perfect, but I am thankful for the influence my family has had on my life.
  • Friendships. As of right now (11:00am), nearly 100 people have sent me birthday greetings through Facebook! I’m thankful for friendships new and old.
  • Church family. I’m thankful for this church family that has welcomed and put up with us! You have absorbed an incredible amount of change in just a few years. But don’t get comfortable! We have a long ways to go to be all that God wants us to be!
  • People who poured into me. Men like Matt Wilmington, Dr. David Randlett, Dr. Jerry Falwell, George Kenworthy, Ray Redlich, Keith Moore, Allen Bonnell and others.
  • Incredible opportunities. In almost 16 years of ministry, God has given me some incredible opportunities where I have seen Him use me to see people take steps toward Christ.

Although I wasn’t exactly thrilled about turning 40 and saying goodbye to my 30s, I am very blessed!


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