the next chapter

Each of us is on a journey of following God. Two and a half years ago, God led me and my family to Immanuel. He has done great things and I believe He has much more He wants to accomplish in and through our church. However, God is now leading me and my family to a new chapter of ministry. I have accepted a position as Worship & Discipleship Pastor at The Well, a 2 year old church plant in Brighton, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Our last Sunday at Immanuel in Corbin, KY, will be February 5th.

God has shown Himself through this process in incredible ways! For instance, He has already sold our house! It sold in 8 days with no sign in the yard and no realtor to the first people who answered an ad we placed on, a real estate website.

God has called each of us to a mission. Much like our Armed Forces, He reassigns His soldiers and officers at will. We surrendered to God’s call on our lives many years ago and it is our responsibility to follow wherever He leads. After all, it was His leading that brought us to Corbin 2 1/2 years ago!

This announcement was made public to our church at the conclusion of the worship service on Sunday, January 15th. We ask for your prayers as we pack up, move and begin a new ministry further from our families in a place where it gets a lot colder than Kentucky!


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