thoughts after surgery

Today is the end of day 4! What does that mean? It means that this afternoon, I can start saying 1-2 word sentences! Yes, I have been under a prescribed “vow of silence” since I went into surgery around 1:15pm this past Monday, May 12th. The only thing I have been allowed to do with my voice is “a gentle attempt at a sigh for 20 seconds, 6-8 times a day.”

I guess it’s a good thing I’m an introvert, because it really hasn’t been that hard for me to be silent. It’s hard to not say “I love you” to your wife and kids, but at least they understand and they have your best interest at heart–they don’t want you to speak! The hard part is walking into a store by yourself and having to interact with salespeople. I created a simple message on the unlock screen of my iPhone that says, “I had surgery on my vocal cords so I can’t speak right now.” That way I can quickly flash my phone to someone so they know I’m not being rude!

The most awkward part is when you see people you know who also know you can’t speak but they just want to be nice and stand next to you. There’s this awkward silence because they don’t want to ask you any questions, but they don’t want to just walk away from you either!

The surgery appears to have been as successful as the surgeon had hoped–at least that’s what he told Suzanne. Although they sent me home with a prescription for liquid Vicodin, we never filled it. I’ve only taken a couple of Tylenol on two evenings before I went to bed so I could sleep without any pain. From the time I woke up from surgery, I had a sore throat–about like you’d have from a nasty cold. Each day it has gotten less severe and today, it feels practically normal.

The most encouraging thing has been all of the people sending texts, emails, Facebook messages, phone calls (to my wife), just to check up on me. It really has been wonderful to be on the receiving end of care from the Body of Christ. People have brought delicious meals and given us little care packages and we are all so appreciative of the demonstrations of love we have received!

It looks like I’ve definitely entered into a season of abiding even if it was forced up on me by a vocal polyp. Our rhythms have definitely changed. Now we just have to learn how to keep our rhythms a little more in balance. Thankfully, we’re headed into the summer months with school out and vacations on the calendar. I’m thankful for the time to be still and know that He is God!


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