Like most of us, I hate waiting. Well, I spent my entire morning today waiting. It all started while I was sitting in our staff devotions when my cell phone rang. It was Suzanne. She was on her way to the doctor with Sarah and had a flat tire. On October 3rd, our 10 year old middle child Sarah had a pre-cancerous mole removed from the back of her heel–right on her Achilles. So, we switched cars at the tire store and she went on to the doctor’s office.

Since the surgical procedure on October 3rd, we’ve been waiting for her foot to heel. We’ve been back to the doctor 3 times and got the nonchalant, “It looks good,” but we didn’t think it did. Friday, not to be too descriptive, it was runny and had a pungent odor. So we called our primary care physician who agreed to see her this morning.

I’m still waiting at the tire store for what I thought would be a simple patch ‘n go procedure on the tire. My name is called and I’m presented with a $450 estimate for my leaky tire. Our tires are only 20K miles into their 65K mile warranty but are worn out. Evidently, this is due to our need for an alignment and new shocks all around on our 2005 Sienna. I decline and ask for the patch ‘n go procedure.

Back at the doctor’s office, our regular doctor takes one look at Sarah’s foot and comes to the same conclusion we did–it doesn’t look good, at all. Suzanne is given the name and number of a skin graft professional and three prescriptions to fill.

I’m still waiting at the tire store. I could practically recite the half hour CNN Headline news stories playing on the TV in the waiting area. Suzanne calls on her way from the doctor’s office. I tell her the news about the tires, alignment and shocks and we decide to go ahead with replacing the 4 tires since they are crediting 67% of the purchase price toward 4 new tires. She picks me up and we head over to our neighborhood pharmacist to fill our 3 prescriptions. More waiting!

Finally, we head back to the tire store where Suzanne volunteers to wait with the kids while I head into the office. At 12:30pm she texts me, “still waiting :-/”

When I get home, I think we’re going to cast lots and find out who in our family has been praying for patience! Speaking of praying, please pray for God to heal Sarah’s foot. Here is a picture of what it looked like last night.


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